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Healy's Health Sanctuary 

balancing Mind, Body & Spirit 
Rehabilitation, total body functionality, rebuild yourself from the ground up  
No gimmicks or false promises just real results 
Albert Einstein


Healy's Health Sanctuary
A holistic approach to UTIMATE HEALTH through the development of Mind, Body & Spirit. 
You will be taken on a journey to develop the best you can possibly be.
This is a practical way, proven over time and 40 years of hard work by the founder of Healy's Health 
Graham Healy 

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You will enter a portal to our meditation rehabilitation stretching system that combines yoga and Pilates systems into a unique style called Healy's Integrated combat or "Yoda Style " stretching systems 
This can lead to an activity called the human art of Yun Yung Do Healy
YJD Yoda Stretching
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"I was a competitive figure skater and lost a lot of flexibility until I started "Yoda Style " Rehab Stretching Classes about 4 weeks ago. It's amazing how quickly I've gained my old level of flexibility back and the stretching has also helped with rehabilitation of my knee and hip injuries from competitive sport."
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"The journey of one thousand miles begins with the first step"
Master Graham Healy 8th dan  
To begin the journey of Yun Jung Do Healy 
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Yun Jung Do
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I have created a "one-stop-pain-fix-it shop" for the Total Musculo-skeletal Therapy 
We are the last port of call for clients who have been to all others without
Healy's often resolve the problem in 1-3 sessions 
see testimony of Dr. Matt Bambling below: 
Dry Needling & MSK
Dry Needling and Healy's Musculo Skeletal Therapy 
The Total Lower back care one stop-pain-fix-it shop
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Testimony of Dr.Matt Bambling 6 th Nov 2020.
I had an ongoing problem with my right lateral epicondyles or to put it another way, dam sore elbow tendons. The problem had become chronic (over 2 years) which ranged from significant discomfort to intense pain. This affected my training and bothered me in general life activities. I had tried acupuncturists, chiropractors and physios with no real results. I explained my problem to Graham Healy during a martial arts training session and he suggested a dry needling treatment. I was a little skeptical but thought, what the heck…. Nothing to lose. Graham’s dry needling technique was like nothing I have ever seen before and I have had a lot of needling. It made a lot of sense as he clearly explained what he was doing and how the procedure worked. At the end of 1 treatment I felt a noticeable improvement in pain which was pleasing enough.
What truly surprised me was that by day 3 post-treatment the pain had resolved and I am still pain free 12 months later and do not need to restrict my exercise routine in any way.
I have no hesitation in recommending Graham as he really knows his stuff and is a skilled holistic practitioner.
Dr. Matt Bambling
Healy's Longevity & Anti-Aging
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Nautilus Lower back Rehabilitation machines 

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Nautilus Lower back
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To navigate through Healy's Health sanctuary is a multidimensional journey there is so much that I have condensed into my personal health journey through Mind, Body & spirit I think what I can successfully do is solve Health & lifestyle issues from a Bigger Picture and discover the root cause and how to formulate a treatment plan, be it lifestyle planning, supplements and nutrition or rehabilitation .
The word that seems to describe my Gifting to help Clients is 

Beginners Martial Arts Class

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